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GritBooks Team

Why GritBooks?

GritBooks gets its name from our team of inquisitive and tenacious experts who are committed to making sure your financial statements are accurate and complete. We all bring true grit to our work with the perseverance to solve any business issue for you.

Meet the team

Jennifer Carr



Jennifer is a powerhouse. She spent over seven years in public practice to earn her Chartered Accountant designation and learn the disciplines of public practice, including financial reporting, auditing, tax planning and personal and corporate tax return preparation.  When she was ready to move on, she decided to put her accounting skills towards helping  companies from the inside. She landed in a young tech startup, Neverblue, where for over eight years she thrived in an environment of rapid growth and company evolution. Jennifer then decided that she wanted to work with more young tech companies and soon after, she created Powerhouse Strategic Inc, where she was a CFO consultant for many quickly expanding, local tech firms. During this time, she developed an approach to instill financial discipline, accurate financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting in young, developing companies. In 2018, she started GritBooks, where she is applying and teaching these skills to revolutionize the world of bookkeeping.

Pamela Parton


Accounting Manager

Pam is an expert at what she does, and she is an excel wiz. With 20 years as a CPA in both public practice and working directly with companies, she has mastered the senior accountant role. One of Pam’s strengths is being dropped in the middle of an accounting mess to efficiently fix and organize the company’s books until the financials are accurate. Pam does two things for GritBooks: 1) with her wealth of experience, she provides senior guidance in accounting support for the junior staff, and analyzes the financial results for accuracy, 2) as a senior CPA accountant, Pam takes on ad-hoc assignments for any of our clients that need additional, senior level help including helping them implement internal discipline and controls, performing accounting reconciliations, assisting in preparing for fiscal year ends, and much more. She looks forward to accounting challenges and can hardly wait to roll up her sleeves and tackle the latest problems.

Jennifer Carr

KATE READ, B.Env.Sc., Dip.E.T., Dip.B.A.

Bookkeeping Specialist

Kate has an incredible ability to connect with people to help solve their bookkeeping issues, and can quickly adapt to the ever changing industry needs. She has honed these skills as an Electoral Finance Reviewer, a Property Manager, through her successful completion of her Bachelor in Environmental Science, and a diploma in Business Administration (Accounting Option). She has developed a laser eye for detail that let’s her excel in her role as a bookkeeping specialist with GritBooks. She is becoming a bookkeeping expert for trades and daycares, and is always ready to learn more.

Patrick Carr


Bookkeeping Specialist

Patrick has an aptitude for change. He understands the ever changing business world and helps GritBooks and our clients succeed with his acquired knowledge. He obtained a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Science from the University of Victoria. He currently works as a Teacher on Call and handles all the business needs of GritBooks. Through this variety of education and work experiences, Patrick has gained a strong set of interpersonal, analytical and technical skills. Through Jennifer's gentle prodding, he has gained an interest in the financial side of things and he excels in applying his special set of skills to managing the business affairs of GritBooks.


Teresay Brenay

Bookkeeping Specialist

Teresa has a love of data and an eye for analytical details.  She loves solving problems, can anticipate future stress points and provide creative solutions to solve them.  After 7 years in the financial industry, Teresa moved on to work with local start ups.  She is no stranger to the needs of business both small and large.  Teresa believes, through accurate and thoughtfull bookkeeping, that you can create a strong foundation for your business.  

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